The vinegar and salt will help to visibly lighten your dark feet in a few days. Gram flour (besan): A paste made with gram flour, lemon juice and milk when applied to the dark areas of the feet will give great results. Turmeric powder: Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with equal amounts of table salt and fresh yogurt, and use it to scrub your feet.

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Formation of dark spots on the face is sometimes referred to as hyper-pigmentation. In many occasions, the dark spots are caused by excessive exposure to the sunlight, acne scars, or hormonal changes.

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Dark spots on bottom of foot, also known as black pinpoints which are tiny clotted blood vessels A callus of thickened skin over a well-defined area where a wart is growing inward A small, rough and grainy lesion on the bottom of the foot

Spots that occur on the bottom of the feet can be brown, black, tan, pink or red in appearance. In addition, they can develop as raised, grainy bumps that are rough feeling. They can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms including itching, a fever, swelling of the lymph nodes, achy muscles and sore throat.

The dark/black spots on your legs are not scars These dark spots on your legs are not scars from the photos you shared. It seems that you have hyperpigmented patches which could be treated effectively with hydroquinones.

Exfoliate the dark areas as part of your daily routine. Use a natural scrubbing pad such as a loofah sponge. Wet the scrubbing pad and use it with a natural soap or a homemade exfoliating scrub. Make a paste out of oatmeal mixed with a little honey, brown sugar and milk. An alternative paste is baking soda mixed with a little fresh lemon juice.

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Sometimes these spots are caused by illnesses or medical conditions, which is why it is vital to see a doctor for any new spots that appear on the feet. Dark Spots on Bottom of Foot: Causes and Treatments. In some cases, the dark spots on the bottom of feet might be as simple as a mole or age spots.

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Dark spots on feet are usually caused by either sun exposure, pregnancy or aging and can be easily removed. This is because these brown spots develop on the surface of the skin rather than in the deep layers of skin. The cells producing the melanin, or skin pigmentation, can easily be peeled away and replaced by new, healthy skin cells.

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Massage liquid vitamin E into the dark spots on your feet each evening prior to going to sleep. According to "Braun-Falco’s Dermatology," the vitamin E will promote cell turnover, which will fade the dark spots on the feet.

May 06, 2014 · How to Remove Dark Marks on Feet From Footwear Naturally.

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