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Teen Talk Newsletter Read our Teen Talk Newsletter , meant to raise awareness of teen health issues. The most recent issue, created in Winter 2016, includes inspirational quotes and essays on mental health, body image, friendship, and imposter syndrome.

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The Pediatric Center is dedicated to staying engaged with our patients and parents. Every month we publish a newsletter filled with timely, interesting, and we hope, helpful articles.

The original Goebel Adult Community Center, named after Louis Goebel, opened in 1975 on part of the land used by the famous Goebel’s Jungleland.The property was a generous donation to the City of Thousand Oaks by the Louis Goebel family.

A&FS: Voices Monthly Newsletter Posted on August 31, 2017 July 1, 2018 by 78thFSS Included in this newsletter: Parents as Partners (PAP) Welcome Letter, FCC Information, Give Parents a Break, Development Center, Just for Fun, Teen/Pre-Teen of the Month, A&FRC July Calendar

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DBT is the most thoroughly researched treatment for people with self-harm and suicidal behaviors. DBT offers consistent significant findings in reducing the frequency of self-harm behaviors, as well as reducing in patient admission episodes and improving global functioning and adjustment.

Monthly Newsletters Page Content AHCA/NCAL’s monthly newsletters are written and distributed for members to provide a summary of issues going on within the Association and update members on recent issues affecting the profession.

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